TANSH Global Food Group Co., Limited (former known as the Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants Holdings Limited), with over 30 years of operation history in China, is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2012. At August 2nd, the group is strategically renamed TANSH Global Food Group, devoted to become a world-class management platform of catering brands.

It possesses many advantages such as brand cluster, standard supply chain, talent and organization competitiveness and so on. The Group covers many industries including Chinese food, western food, casual dining and beverages services, as well as owning and operating many leading high-quality restaurant brands including 'Shanghai Min' , 'The Dining Room', 'Maison De L'Hui', 'ORENO', 'Wolfgang Puck' 'DOUTOR' and 'Mai Chi Ling'.

Our Mission

Food is Primary Necessity. Let people enjoy the happiness of delicious food.


World-class management platform of catering brands

The Group’s Core Value

Customer First; Strategy Leading

Quality Driven; Self-Reinvention

Passion, Collaboration & Sharing