Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors and management team are committed to practicing good corporate governance with prudent management while enhancing shareholder value. This entails an emphasis on transparency, accountability and independence. Other Policies include:

- Code of Conducts and Business Ethics
- Whistle Blower Policy

Board Committees

The Board has established the following committees, all chaired by Independent Non-executive Director or Non-executive Director, except the Executive Committee where members are senior management of the Company.

Board Committee Directors Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee Executive Committee Risk Management Committee
GU Dorson M
Baixuan Tiffany Wang M C C C
WANG Huili
WU Wen
WU Chun Wah M C M M
LUI Wai Ming C M M M
Zhang Zhenyu M M M M

- C Chairman of the relevant Board committees
- M Member of the relevant Board committees